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How to Create the Ultimate Competition Bun

I came across this bun style from one of the original gymnastics mama, who took us under her wing when our babies just started out in gymnastics. This mama had MAD hair skills. Her gymnast would always have the most beautiful and unique hairstyles (Thank you Mama for bestowing your hair knowledge unto me.)

While my gymnast was wearing this style, she was stopped at every meet, had millions of compliments by other gymnasts, moms, coaches and even one judge asked to get a closer look. But alas, the time has come where she would rather fall off the beam at a meet than let me style her hair so I am passing on this great and so EASY style to all of you Gymnastics Mamas who still have gymnast that will let you do their hair :)

Here is what you'll need...all the items can be found at Target!

One Conair Bun Maker Kit that comes with bobby pins, a bun maker and a hair tie - Perfect! I like to use a Tail Comb to help separate the individual pieces. This keeps all the flyaways tame and helps the final style look intricate and smooth and bonus is a great "bump" smoother too. Finally, the BEST competition hairspray out there... Aussie Freeze Spray. The hair will definitely have to be washed afterwards because that hair is not moving an inch, but so worth the peace of mind.

The video is only 3 minutes and has instructions and demonstration. We look forward to seeing this ultimate competition bun around at the meets! Enjoy - The Mamas

If the video does not load CLICK HERE

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