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The Gymnastics Athletic Scholarship

One of the best reasons to participate in the sport of gymnastics, is the opportunity to earn an athletic scholarship. We are so fortunate to have 81 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics teams in our country. Below are some of the most asked questions about the gymnastics athletic scholarship:

What is an athletic scholarship:

This is when a college pays for the athletes tuition, fees, books, room and board. Once you are on the team, you also receive leotards, workout gear, travel, medical and academic services.

What is the athletes commitment to an athletic scholarship:

To be the best gymnast, student and person they can be and improving each year.

When can a gymnast anticipate being offered an athletic scholarship:

Typically after multiple emails and phone calls from the college coach as well as a visit to the school to tour campus and meet the team. The gymnastics coach (Division 1 & 2) may not talk to the recruit until June 15th following the recruits sophomore year of high school. How do you know if you are good enough for an athletic scholarship: Typically the college coach will want the recruit to be as good as the team on 3-4 events. The

recruit must have similar skill level, start values, videos and scores as the teams they are pursuing.

How many athletic scholarships do the Division 1 teams have per team:

If they are fully funded they will have 12 per team

How many athletic scholarships do the Division 2 teams have per team:

They receive 6 athletic scholarships per team

How many athletic scholarships do the Division 3 teams have per team:

No athletic scholarships only academic scholarships

What are the Division 1 gymnastics coaches looking for in a recruit:

* Focused academics

* Passion for the sport

* Level 10’s and Elites with 10.1 SV on 3 events and 10.0 SV on vault

* Ability to compete consistently and with confidence

* Clean gymnastics

Do you help place Acrobatic and Tumbling recruits:

Yes, we also place A & T gymnasts and this sport does have partial scholarships Div 1-3


Jill Hicks owns JH Consulting which is an advising business to gymnasts and parents. JHC helps families navigate the recruiting process from start to finish with a proven track record of placing over 80% of their clients to college teams in both artistic gymnasts and Acrobatics & Tumbling. If you would like more information go to or email Jill at

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