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The Mamas Perfect 10: Things Only A Fellow Gymnastics Mamas Can Relate To….

  1. You have reluctantly let your child go to dinner without shoes. Because for some reason gymnasts never bring shoes. To this same point, clothing is also sparse it seems. Want to go to dinner with teammates after practice? Sounds like fun. Oh wait that’s right, none of them have clothes. So between the bunch, you manage to find shorts for one, the other gets a shirt and the third ends up wearing the shoes. Before years of gymnastics, I would have NEVER let my child go anywhere like this.

  2. Your daughter owns more leotards than actual clothing.

  3. Your child definitely spends more time at the gym than at home. Good thing we love our coaches!

  4. You now carry a wine opener in your purse/luggage.

  5. Your gymnasts’ siblings and even your husband is a little intimidated and jealous of their six pack and biceps.

  6. While getting mother and daughter manicures the technician comes running over with your daughter to show you her hands. Me: “Yes, yes I know. It’s Ok she’s a gymnast.”

  7. You’ve paid more for a competition leotard than you do for 1 month’s car payment.

  8. Most all other sports practice days and times seem like little league compared to the hours your child spends in the gym.

  9. If you’ve ever been shaking so badly watching your child that you need to have someone else film. Who knew we would get so nervous!

  10. You feel like you need to speak fluent Russian to pronounce your gymnasts’ new skills. AND when you try, your gymnast wants to die because your pronunciation is WAY off and apparently mortifying. But seriously, who says Tsukahara or Tkatchev correctly the first time.

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