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Welcome to the official website of professional choreographer and custom-made gymnastics floor music creator, Jeremy James Miranda. You’ll find his resume, reels and contact information all here, including pricing and availability for gymnastics floor routine choreography and floor music design services custom-made to bring out the champion in each gymnast!

Meet Nicolle Ford, she is a Choreographer Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Former international Elite gymnast, 8 time NCAA All-American for University of Utah and Cirque du Soleil acrobat.

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My name is Andrea Molnar. I am a former 2 times hungarian olympic gymnast with 22 years of coaching/choreography experience that includes several state floor champions. I have a strong passion for the creative end of gymnastics and would be happy to travel to your gym.

Customized choreography to suit each athlete's unique abilities and incredible follow-up services. World-Class Choreography by World-Class Choreographers!

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Understand WHY your child got their score with Real Feedback from REAL judges! Submit videos of your child's routines and receive a detailed analysis form with supplemental screenshots AND a free follow-up call!

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