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Betsy McNally Laouar has been a coach in the fitness world, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, former gymnastics coach, professional bodybuilder/fitness competitor, former high school teacher and best selling author of Binges and Balance Beams. She works with professional/elite athletes, Olympians, regular moms, athletes and families in her online bootcamps, live training, and nutrition, training and fitness programs.

I’m here to help answer your questions about how to prevent injury and improve the performance of your gymnast. Together, we can bring this amazing sport into a New Era, where everyone involved can say, “I am proactive, I am purpose driven, and I am a wellness warrior!”

Alison Arnold, PhD & HeadGames


For over 25 years, Doc Ali and HeadGames have helped athletes all over the world learn the mental tools needed to overcome obstacles and reach their goals–from the next skill in a routine, to a medal at the Olympics. Whatever is standing in their way, be it fear, adversity, injury, or competition nerves, HeadGames provides tools and drills to train the mind like you train the body. Create an unshakeable mind!

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Perfect Ten offers virtual consultations and strength coaching for athletes anywhere in the world to help safely introduce them to higher level strength programs. We also assist injured athletes who are looking to maintain their strength and power while limited in their training.

From ankles to elbows – we’ve got you covered! Freeze sleeve provides 360° of even cold therapy with compression to aching muscles and joints. Available in a variety of sizes and colors to meet your needs. Get 15% offyour order using promo code: GYMNASTICSMAMA



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