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The Perfect 10 Gifts for Your Gymnast

The holidays are fast approaching, and you need to find that perfect gift. Avoid last-minute shopping and the crazy mall parking lot with these Perfect 10 gifts for the gymnasts in your life.

# 1. Gymnastics Books

​​Perfect Balance Books - Melisa Torres

We love encouraging our gymnasts to read. This book is the 7th and newest release in

the Perfect Balance series written by former gymnast, Melissa Torres.

Combining reading and gymnastics is a win-win in our book!

New to the series? Start with the first book and get your gymnast hooked and inspired.

Courage to Soar - Simone Biles

A favorite of our gymnasts! Read all about Simone’s journey to being the greatest female gymnast of all time. A great read as we get excited for the 2020 Olympics!

# 2. Toys and Games

Barbie Filppin’ Fun Gymnast Play Set

Your gymnast can coach with Barbie on the balance beam!

Barbie Team Stacie Doll Gymnastics Play Set with Accessories

Stacie is ready to train with your gymnast on bars.Your daughter

can get her ready for her first meet!

Fantastic Gymnastics Vault Challenge Game

A favorite in our houses. Who will be the first to stick their vault?

Fantastic Gymnastics Original Bar Game

How many giants can you do before the big release and stuck finish?

# 3 Gymnastics Equipment

Junior Horizontal Bar

A great piece of equipment to practice pull ups, pullovers and

develop upper body and core strength.

Folding Mat

Perfect to use with Junior Bar or on its own!

Practice Folding Balance Beam

The Mamas love this beam because it folds in half and can easily be tucked away.

Floor Bar

Our gymnasts love this floor bar to practice pirouettes! A great addition for home training.

# 4 Gymnast Ornaments

Personalized Gymnast Ornament

Create a unique ornament personalized for your gymnast. Jenuine Designs will design and embellish a one of a kind keepsake to treasure for years to come. Order by

December 10th for Christmas delivery!

# 5 Gymnastics Medal Rack

Gymnastics Medal Rack

Every gymnast needs a special place to display all their medals.

# 6. Hydration Essentials

Foam Roller Water Bottle

Number 1 on our list. Perfect to take to meets. Doubles as a foam roller for recovery and water bottle. Various sizes and colors are available.


This water bottle comes in a variety of colors and will keep your gymnast’s water cold for up to 24 hours. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Pick one to match your team colors!


We love this insulated bottle because it features a special pocket to store small items. Keep an eye out for Free Shipping codes and Discounts through the Holiday season.

# 7. Stretching Essentials

Flexibility Strap

A great tool to increase flexibility at home. A mamas’ favorite!

Stretch Out Strap

A versatile strap to increase flexibility and stretch tight muscles. Comes with a helpful guide which illustrates how to use it effectively.

# 8. A Gymnastics Experience

Gymnastics season is just starting! If you have a local college team or want to take a road trip, gymnasts love seeing their favorite gymnasts compete. The best part, is that most college meets are very inexpensive or even free for children under the age of 18.

College gymnastics camps make a great gift too! Pair with a college leotard or sweatshirt!

Check out Fanatics for wide selection of collegiate apparel and

for our list of college gymnastics camps.

Other experiences like tickets to the NCAA Gymnastics Championships make AMAZING gifts or splurge and surprise them with a trip to watch the 2020 US Olympic Team Trials.

# 9. Gymnastics Apparel

While we know that leos are the quintessential holiday gift, we wanted to point out other gymnastics related apparel that make excellent gifts. Here are a few of our favorites.

Team USA Gear

Anything Team USA will be a big hit this holiday season.

Gymnastics Repwell Slide Sandals

Retro Men's Gymnastics T-Shirt

No Show Gymnastics Socks

# 10. Gymnastics Meet Journal

Gymnastics Meet Journal Our gymnasts love this journal! An ideal way to track progress and plan goals

for upcoming meets and the season.

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