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Health & Nutrition with Betsy

If I had to pick ONE group of food that is essential for an athlete who would like to eliminate animal protein.....

That contains the best plant based protein, the best plant fat, the most antioxidants, the most energy dense, inflammation fighting, vitamin and mineral dense options…

unquestionably the answer would be SEEDS!

Take your pick:

  • · Chia

  • · Pumpkin/Pepitas

  • · Hemp

  • · Flax

  • · Sunflower

  • · Sesame

  • · Pomegranates 

Funny because all of these SEEDS are regularly put on my gymnasts meal plans in different combinations, sometimes as spreads, toppings, in shakes, in yogurt, they add texture, crunch and overall so many health benefits.

Get more seeds into your gymnasts body! And If you need help doing this give me a shout and ask about my 8 week special on fitness and nutrition programs for gymnasts. I'll give them seeds and so much more! 

As a special bonus for Gymnastics Mamas, mention this blog and receive a $50 discount on ANY 8 week nutrition or fitness program!


Since 2001, Betsy McNally Laouar has been a coach in the fitness world. She is a wife and mom of two boys, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, former gymnastics coach, professional bodybuilder/fitness competitor, former high school teacher and bestselling author of Binges and Balance Beams. A graduate of Michigan State University and a certified personal trainer through the NSCA and sports nutritionist through Chicago State, she specializes in working with gymnasts achieve balance, healthy body image, strength and good nutritional habits. She has worked with professional/elite athletes, Olympians, moms, and dads too. She currently travels the country doing her "Betsy Bootcamps" and is available for in person, live or streaming webinars, nutritional programs and fitness programs. Check out her website for more information.

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