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Choosing the right college summer camp(s) are key in the recruiting process. College camps have become the #1 way to get in front of college coaches, meet the team, gain knowledge into the team culture, and evaluate the campus. All of these are essential pieces to the recruiting puzzle. There are not many summers available to you once you reach high school and so knowing the objective for choosing a camp is important.

2 Reasons for Your Camp Experience

1. Prior to 9th grade – Experience & Exposure

The purpose of attending camps during this time is to get on campus and have fun! Don’t worry too much about what level you are for these camps. Choose a day camp or an overnight camp that is close to you and doesn’t break the bank!

2. 9th grade & beyond – Recruiting

The purpose of attending camps during this time is for recruiting. While the college coaches won’t be able to speak to you about recruiting, they will be able to work with you, get to know you, and observe your skill level and coachability. For this reason, you should choose a camp from a program where you are at, or just about at, the level of the program. This camp is one that you may fly to. Remember to also make sure that the school is a good academic fit for you as you will be using your experience to help you on your recruiting journey.

Selecting the ‘right’ college camp can be tricky - especially if you receive some invitations to camps. If you would like help choosing the right camp email me at or go to and click on “Get Started” to fill out our forms page.

Meet Vicki May

I have been involved in the sport of gymnastics since I was 3 years old. I am originally from Canada and competed for my club team until I was 25 and am a Hall of Fame member of the Milton Springers Gymnastics Club.

After college, I moved to the United States to pursue my dream of becoming a NCAA collegiate head coach. I worked at Woodward Camp for many years as a master staff coach and program director and landed my first NCAA position as the assistant coach at the University of Maryland.

After five years I was approached to apply for the head coaching position at Towson University where I lived out my dream for 9 years. I absolutely loved being a college coach!

I am looking forward to combining my experience as an athlete and collegiate coach to help others by joining JH Consulting! I can’t wait to get started with you and help guide you to on the path to your dream!


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